Alliance for Affordable Services - Charged even after I cancelled

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I was with them for almost a year without complaints or problems, but then again, I never needed them.Went to cancel at the end of 2013 a week before my next payment was due.

The representative said the cancellation will not take effect until the end of January 2014 and that I had ALREADY been charged for the coming month. There was MORE than enough time to cancel without having to charge me for another month.

They knew I was ending the relationship and figured they had nothing to lose by collecting another month's payment.Nice way to screw me on my way out the door!

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Alliance for Affordable Services - Front for Insurance Ripoffs

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This company's representative intentionally misrepresented a health insurance policy sold by "Mid-West National Life," then submitted an application to them that did not fully state medical histories.Ultimately, that led to a full rescission of the policy and refund, but the portion paid to the "Alliance for Affordable Services" has not been refunded.

At the time of the application and point of sale, I was told that the "Alliance" was part of the insurance package.

The insurer told me to contact them regarding cancellation and/or refund of membership dues.When I called them the most they would do is cancel my "membership" without refunding any dues paid for the past several months.

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